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Menu Planner Templates

Menu Planner Templates



Menu planners are equally prepared at home and on a business level for restaurants. Purpose of preparing menu planner is just to plan the cooking menu for the week or month or on daily basis.

Here we have drafted an attractive format of menu planner template that you can download from our website without paying any charges.

Menu planner template has been created in MS Word 2010 and you can easily edit all its contents and design features including colors, format, picture, and information given on it.

Feel free to download menu planner template after taking a preview of it as a snapshot of menu planner template has been given here.

Download – Menu Planner Template

Sample Menu planners







Certificate Templates

Birth Certificate Templates

Printable New Birth Certificate Templates


A birth certificate is prepared on the birth of baby having some information on it. Information that is mentioned on birth certificate includes baby name, day and date of baby birth etc. We have designed birth certificate template.

This template has been designed in MS Word 2010 and can be customized according to personal choice. For downloading birth certificate template, we inserted here a link with picture preview of birth certificate template. Use the link and download the template.

Download: Birth Certificate Template

Sample Birth Certificates:









Certificate Templates

Award Certificate Templates

Award Certificate Templates



Award certificates are prepared by companies, institutes, schools, and colleges. Award certificates are given to the people who get an achievement relevant to study, job, training and any other. Award certificate contains some particular information on it including the title of the certificate, name of the person who presents the award, name of the person who gets the award, date and other details of a person’s achievement.

Award certificate must be drafted in a more professional way. We consider your needs and offer you the ready-to-use format of award certificate template. Award certificate template is available on our website and you can get it without charges.

Before downloading the template, you can see here a snapshot of award certificate template. A downloading link has also been inserted here for your convenience.

Download Your DOC File Here

Sample Templates:








Flyer Templates

Printable 25+ Pamphlet Templates

Printable 25+ Pamphlet Templates



Pamphlets are one of the effective tools of advertising the products and services of a company.

Now –a- days, each business relies on preparing pamphlets containing important information about a company’s products and services. Pamphlets are prepared in the most attractive way to get the attention of the public. Professionalism is also a very first requirement of preparing pamphlets.

Here we have designed a pamphlet template that is a good addition to our website.

Pamphlet template has been drafted as spa pamphlet and you can get the idea from this template to prepare your own one. We welcome you on our website for free downloading of pamphlet template. You can also see here a snapshot of pamphlet template.

Download: Pamphlet Template

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List Templates

Food Journal Templates

Food Journal Templates



A food journal can be said as food diary that is prepared for keeping a record of consumed food along with quantity, calories and fat measurement. A food journal is prepared on a daily basis.

Usually, health-conscious people prefer to prepare food journal for maintaining their food according to their physical requirements. If you are looking for preparing a well-drafted food journal, you can use our food journal template that is designed in the best way to meet your needs.

Food journal template has been created in MS Word 2007 and can be easily customized on personal requirements. Food journal template is available on our website absolutely free.

Here is given a snapshot of the food journal template along with a downloading link to access this template.

Download: Food Journal Template

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Daily Planner Template

Daily Planner Templates



A daily planner is just like a daily calendar that is prepared by people in performing their day to day tasks. A daily planner is drafted in a simple way and easy to do.

We welcome you on our website to download a variety of templates. Daily planner template is one of them. For effective time management of your daily routine, you are suggested to use our daily planner template that has been created in MS Word 2007.

For downloading daily planner template, use the downloading link given below. You can also see here a picture of daily planner template.

Download: Daily Planner Template – DOC FILE

Sample Planner Sheets









Word Templates

37 PDF Salary templates

38 PDF Salary Templates


Salary template is designed by us as salary slip template that is obviously one of important documents of a company or business. Salary slip is prepared for issuing to employees for their weekly or monthly wages.

Salary slip contains some specific information about salary package, paying method and other terms and information about employee’s salary. This document must be designed in a professional way. We consider you needs and offer you free downloading of salary template. Here is preview of our designed salary template.

38 Sample Templates

Word Templates

37 Progress Report Templates PDF DOC

37 New Printable Progress Report Template


Progress reports are prepared by business organizations and educational institutes to evaluate the performance of employees and students on different basis. For example progress of students is evaluated on an annual basis.

Employee performance can be evaluated on monthly, annual and probationary basis. we can say that preparing progress report is necessary where there are numbers of workers are working. Individuals who are assigned the responsibility of employee performance evaluation prepare progress reports.

Here we offer you ready-to-use format of progress report that you can use after editing according to your requirements. We offer you free downloading of progress report template. You can take preview of progress report template

Sample Progress Reports


More Templates

8 PDF-DOC Printable book report templates

8 PDF-DOC Printable book report templates


Usually the book report is prepared to give an overview of book that has been studied by an individual. Individuals who study the book are to write his or her comments on book and that is called “book report.”

In book reports the key points of book material are are detailed and described for future readers of that book or to prove that you have read the book. Book reports can be written in different forms including paragraph, bullets and tables. Use the templates below for guides and designs.

Preparing a book report is not a hard task but here we offer you ready-to-use format of book report template that you can download. Here is preview of book report template that you can take before downloading it:

For quick downloading of book report template, you can use download button given below: