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37 PDF Salary templates

38 PDF Salary Templates


Salary template is designed by us as salary slip template that is obviously one of important documents of a company or business. Salary slip is prepared for issuing to employees for their weekly or monthly wages.

Salary slip contains some specific information about salary package, paying method and other terms and information about employee’s salary. This document must be designed in a professional way. We consider you needs and offer you free downloading of salary template. Here is preview of our designed salary template.

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37 Progress Report Templates PDF DOC

37 New Printable Progress Report Template


Progress reports are prepared by business organizations and educational institutes to evaluate the performance of employees and students on different basis. For example progress of students is evaluated on an annual basis.

Employee performance can be evaluated on monthly, annual and probationary basis. we can say that preparing progress report is necessary where there are numbers of workers are working. Individuals who are assigned the responsibility of employee performance evaluation prepare progress reports.

Here we offer you ready-to-use format of progress report that you can use after editing according to your requirements. We offer you free downloading of progress report template. You can take preview of progress report template

Sample Progress Reports


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29 Promissory Note Templates

29 Promissory Note Templates


Make it Legal with a Promissory Note Template

Are you in need of a template to help you create a legally binding promissory note? Have you considered one of the many promissory note templates that are currently available online? In this article we will briefly define the term “promissory note” and its function, show you what type of language/items should be included in your promissory note template and give you a few ideas on how you can secure one of these promissory note templates for your own purposes.

What Is a Promissory Note?

Have you ever borrowed money from someone, promising you would pay them back when you received your next paycheck? Most everyone has at least one time or another, and that “promise” you made, whether or not you kept the agreement, is the basis for a promissory note. Simply put, a promissory note is a written contract in which one party “promises” to repay the other party over a specified period of time. These types of documents are regularly used in business to help protect the lender from any losses they may incur.

The Promissory Note Template: What should be Included?

There are several ways to attain a promissory note template, but perhaps the most convenient—and least expensive—is to find one online. However, just finding a promissory note template online is seldom enough. In most cases you will almost certainly need to scour through many templates before finding one that is right for the specific transaction you are preparing. Here are just a few things to look for in a promissory note template:

• Lender’s name, signature and contact information. The name of the lender, whether it’s an individual or corporation, should be listed clearly and early in the document, with a space to sign and date the promissory note on the bottom.

• Borrower’s name, signature and contact information. Same rules apply for the borrower’s name and signature.

• Total dollar amount to be borrowed. The total dollar amount being borrowed should always be prominently displayed throughout the promissory note template.

• Date the transaction was entered into.

• Terms of Repayment. This is where it can get sort of tricky and the reason why not all promissory note templates are alike. The terms of repayment addresses items such as when the payments will be made, the amount of the payments and interest. Some notes ask the borrower to make monthly payments, while others may have only 4 quarterly payments or one large balloon payment at the end of the pay period. Just be sure the template you are considering matches the purpose and terms that you have laid out to your borrower.

• Penalties. This section should address the financial consequences of not meeting the terms of the promissory note.

Truth be told, it’s not very difficult to create your own promissory note template, but why do so if you can find a suitable alternative online? Promissory note templates are available on a variety of business preparation sites, and with many options to choose from, you’re almost certain to find one that is perfect for the transaction you are considering.

Sample Templates

Word Templates

Promissory Note Templates

Promissory Note Templates


Stop looking for loan documents. We deliver the custom form you need directly to your printer in just minutes, signature ready.

What types of promissory notes are available here? We have them all. Please read the descriptions in the table below to select the document that’s right for your situation.

The Promissory Note puts simple loan transactions in writing.

Our promissory note is the perfect document for simple loans. You tell us the names of the parties, the amount of the loan, the interest rate and the time allowed for payoff and we take care of the rest. You may choose from a demand note or one that is payable after a set term of months.



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Installment Payment Agreements

16 Installment Payment Agreements


The Installment Payment Agreement Template allows monthly payments.

If you are looking for a loan document that calls for monthly payments, look no further! Our installment payment agreement puts all the essential terms in a binding document, complete with late fees for delinquent payments and acceleration clauses if the borrower defaults. We even have a monthly payment calculator to take the guesswork out of calculating interest! It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Sample Templates:

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Pledge of Security Agreement

Pledge of Security Agreement


The Pledge of Security Agreement requires the borrower to pledge collateral on the loan.

Are you lending money but want additional assurances that the loan will be repaid?

Use our pledge of the security agreement to require the borrower to pledge valuable property in case the borrower defaults on the loan.

This is the perfect solution for private party sales of property on installment payments! Simply tell us about the terms of the loan (you’ll get to choose from the two loans described above), describe the property being pledged as security, and sign the document.

Security Templates