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Certificate Templates

Award Certificate Templates

Award Certificate Templates   Award certificates are prepared by companies, institutes, schools, and colleges. Award certificates are given to the people who get an achievement relevant to study, job, training and any other. Award certificate contains some particular information…

List Templates

Food Journal Templates

Food Journal Templates   A food journal can be said as food diary that is prepared for keeping a record of consumed food along with quantity, calories and fat measurement. A food journal is prepared on a daily basis.…

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8 PDF-DOC Printable book report templates

8 PDF-DOC Printable book report templates   Usually the book report is prepared to give an overview of book that has been studied by an individual. Individuals who study the book are to write his or her comments on…

Word Templates

Installment Payment Agreements

16 Installment Payment Agreements   The Installment Payment Agreement Template allows monthly payments. If you are looking for a loan document that calls for monthly payments, look no further! Our installment payment agreement puts all the essential terms in…

Word Templates

Pledge of Security Agreement

Pledge of Security Agreement   The Pledge of Security Agreement requires the borrower to pledge collateral on the loan. Are you lending money but want additional assurances that the loan will be repaid? Use our pledge of the security…